mercredi 8 décembre 2010


Goult, Luberon

This time a picture from Luberon, from the village of Goult that didn't make it in the blog after our visit to Goult this autumn. This is the castle, a funny view taken on a very small alley but I love these windows and doors.

Une photo de notre escapade au Luberon cet automne. Le château de Goult.

2 commentaires:

Ariane Reichardt a dit…

Dear Airelle,
thank you for your visit. I'll try to translate my text as soon as possible.
Love your provence pictures...Aix en provence!
The picture of the house, is there a pool in front of? With goldfish in?
It strikes me that I know the house...curious.
Greetings to you,

Airelle a dit…

I don't know which house you are thinking of Ariane but I think there are a lot of such as you see on my blog - the provençal style :) and thanks for your kind words!