dimanche 21 février 2010


I'm finally loading photos I've been meaning to show for some time allready, on an exhibition that you can still see in Arles until next September. And it is an exhibition worth visiting if ever you have the occasion to go to Arles: Ceasar, Rhône for memoryat the Arles Antique Museum.
Je mets finalement en ligne quelques photos sur une exposition qu'on pourra voir à Arles jusqu'en Septembre prochain. C'est une exposition qui vaut le coup d'oeil si vous avez la possibilité de visiter Arles: César, le Rhône pour mémoire au Musée d'Arles Antique.

It shows pieces found in the bottom of the Rhône River, at the height of the town of Arles. You can see everyday objects brought by barges to the citizens of Arles, then Arelate and magnificent pieces of art, of which the one bust of Ceasar supposed to be contemporary and the most like of all his busts.
On peut y voir des pièces trouvées au fond de la rivière Rhône à la hauteur de la ville d'Arles. Il s'agit des objects de tous les jours ammenées par bateaux pour les citoyens d'Arelate romaine et aussi des grandes pièces d'art dont le plus fameux, une buste de César, apparemment contemporaine du grand homme et la plus resemblante.

A statue of a slave.
Une statue d'esclave.

A young woman's head.
La tête d'une jeune femme.

The great Ceasar.
Le grand César.


The winter goes on and on, we are starting to be tired of it. The first bouquets of mimosa are sold in the shops and the markets but the cloudy skies and rain doesn’t give the impression of spring beeing close at hand.
The other weekend we made a little tour and found this lovely little shop in Mouriès. They sell amongst coffee, tea and other gift articles, dried plants for infusions, la tisane. They have a very large selection and they are very knowledgeable whence the name of the place, l’Herbier des Alpilles.
For this February’s vegetable I have chosen the Jerusalem artichoke, helianthus tuberosus in latin or topinambour in French. It is a near relation to the sunflower and has pretty yellow flowers too. But it is the root part that is eaten. It is one of those veggies used before and during the wars but forgotten afterwards but fashionable again today.

And this month’s herb is thyme because it is antiseptic and good against flus and colds. Yes, I’ve catched a throat virus. So, I am trying thyme’s properties to clear the throat and calm the coughs. I think it is working. The thyme is good also for digestive pains. It can be used in infusions, steaming, compresses etc. And it is a good spice, too. Of course, the best is the provençal thyme !

mercredi 17 février 2010


I washed my windows.... J'ai lavé mes fenêtres un jour de pluie...

to hang my new curtains found at Emmaus.

pour mettre mes nouveaux rideaux trouvés chez Emmaüs.