vendredi 15 juillet 2011


I am amazed and gratified. This must be the first time my English Speaking blog has got an award! How is that for a summery surprise and I fear, a little unmerited, seen how little I have written lately. Sorry, will mend my manners after my working holidays in Finland.

I owe this pleasure and honor to Karon from So easy life. Karon is my idol and inspiration, as well as a blogger and a person and for her work with herbs, my favorite subject and hopefully soon my field of action, too.

As allways there are conditions with this award. The first is of course, naming seven other blogs that inspire me. If it had been somebody else naming me, Karon's blog would have been the first on my list. Still, there are many other inspiring blogs to choose from. Here you have a few of my favorite English language blogs:

Vicky Archer from French Essence speaks about the life in Provence and her lovely house near St. Rémy

Corey Amaro writes, Tongue in Cheek, and ads lovely photos (I would sell mother and father to take photos like hers)

Carla Coulson, another great (and professional) photographer shows her work in Carla loves photography

Liivia is a Finnish artist that publishes her photos from the road on Via

I don't allways understand everything that goes on in Ariane's blog but fortunately images are an international language and I do love Die Rose!

As to creativity Artemis Russell from Junkaholique has loads of it

and last but not least, Deborah Lawrenson, of whom I will be speaking more later...

And then seven little things you might not yet know about me:

I love Jane Austen (it didn't say it had to be original!) !

I love flowers but I prefer the jasmine - at least today.

I would like to rise early, as a good gardener, but unfortunately I was born a bat.

I'm fighting the urge for sugar but can't resist the spell of chocolate.

I don't hold my liquor, two small glasses of wine are almost too much for me.

And the wine is almost allways a rosé - or champagne.

I used to wear a lot of black but lately I feel the need of lots of colour. I especially love bright rose, shocking pink as Schiaparelli called it.

jeudi 14 juillet 2011


Good Bastille Day! Joyeuse Fête Nationale!

This blog will continue quiet for some time more because of holidays. If you are interested in  Finland see my other blog.

Ce blog va continuer silencieux un peu plus à cause des vacances. Pour des photos de Finlande voyez mon autre blog.