mardi 27 avril 2010


As usual the cold winter months have suddenly turned summery. There has been a flower explotion in the nature. To a Finn temperatures of 25 degrees celsius and more are summer and it would seem we will be getting even more in a day or two.

The beautiful afternoon had us wondering on to the beach. We found a new beach between Sambuc and Salin de Giraud, in Camargue, at the end of a veeery bumpy road. My dog loved the little creatures in the water. My feet loved the invigorating salt water.

Première bain d'eau de mer de la saison. On a trouvé un nouveau plage entre Sambuc et Salin de Giraud, en Camargue, après une route trèeees défoncée. Mon chien a adoré les créatures marines. Mes pieds ont trouvé delicieux le massage par les vagues.