samedi 25 avril 2009


There is a little town named Fourques, growing right on the other side of the Rhone river from Arles. Last weekend after the Feria in Arles, it was the turn of Fourques to have its fête. All the elements of the traditional village merry making were there : a miniature amusement park, lots of noise and loud music, chichis and folksy dancing. And our house is of course right in the middle of all this, oh joy !

And since we are in the toro region : wild bulls in the streets (and on the cars whose owners’ forgot to park them far away) and much ado in the arena. But no tragic Spanish corrida here, just lovely, acrobatic course camarguaise. For those who don’t know about it my larger half made a lovely mix of the videos he made on his new, shiny telephone. I think it speaks better than a lot of words or photos so I include it here.

Just two words of explanation : the reason why the boys are reaching between the horns is that they are supposed to catch the cords and tassels fixed there. Every item represents money they’ll collect in the end. The course camarguaise bulls are smaller than the corrida bulls, they live a long life, are appreciated and are known by their names by the afficionados. Some even die of old age and are burried standing in the manade’s grounds. And now, enjoy the lightness of these youngsters !
Un video pour illustrer mieux que milles mots la course camarguaise, la spécialité toromachique de la région de Camargue.

mercredi 22 avril 2009


Today is our Mother Earth's day. Let's think about the giver of all life and let's try to be good to her.
Aujourd'hui c'est le jour de notre Mère la Terre. Pensons à celle qui nous a donné la vie et essayons d'être bon pour elle.

samedi 18 avril 2009

jeudi 16 avril 2009


Continuing a thread I starterd earlier on crisis and the construction industry in France, I am writing today about my other home town, Nyons. The house below has recently been renovated and the facade redone on a local model (see the next picture).

Pour changer je vais parler aujourd'hui de ma pricipale ville de residence, Nyons. La maison ici dessus se trouve juste en face de chez moi. Elle a été récemment rénové et la façade refaite suivant un modèle local (ci dessous).

On the same street there is also this restaurant that recently changed ownership and name. I think the restaurant's front takes nicely up the houses yellow front. There used to be a baker's shop in the house, as testifies the inscription Boulangerie.
Sur ma rue se trouve aussi ce restaurant qui a récemment changé de propriètaire et de nom. La façade du restaurant reprend joliment la façade jaune de l'immeuble.

Below the old bridge of the town, officially 600 years old this year. A fireworks started the festivities last weekend though unfortunately I couldn't assist to it.
Le pont romain de Nyons a officiellement 600 ans. Les festivités pour l'anniversaire ont commencé le weekend dernier par un feu d'artifice que malheureusement je n'ai pas pu voir mais ici une photo du pont.
The other side of the bridge shows the old olive oil mill, another big attraction in Nyons.
A l'autre côtè du pont on trouve le vieux moulin à l'huile d'olive, une autre attraction touristique à Nyons.

lundi 13 avril 2009


Last weekend we had fine weather and the Boulevard des Lices in Arles housed a plant fair like in so many places at this time of the year. The pretty spring weather encourages many people to take care of their gardens, terrasses or balconies. We bought plants too and I got finally my hands in the mud. Happy news are that in two months I'll have all the mud I can wish for!

Le weekend dernier le temps était magnifique et le Boulevard des Lices accueillat une foire aux plantes comme tellement d'autres villes en ce moment. Le printemps et le soleil incite les gens a s'occuper de leur jardins, terasses et balcons. Nous aussi nous avons acheté des plantes. J'ai finalement eu mes mains dans la terre jusqu'aux coudes! Heureuse nouvelle: j'aurais bientôt les mains dans la terre pour long temps.

The Easter weekend has been very wet. Happily the rain stopped before Sunday evening so that we could go and see the action at the Arles Feria. There were a lot of people about - the Feria is the high point of Arles life. The streets and the bodegas were full of merry people. After admiring the Toro del Fuego - a fire works - we continued to listen to Chico and the Gypsies in a free concert.

Ce weekend nous avions moins de chance. Le temps a été très pluvieux. Heureusement dimanche soir le ciel s'est eclaircit et on a pu faire un tour à la Feria d'Arles. Les rues et les bodegas étaient pleines de monde qui faisait la fête. Après le Toro del Fuego sur la place de la Mairie nous avons continuer au concert gratuit donné par l'enfant du pays Chico et les Gypsies.

And today I found the first poppies on the roadside. It's really spring!
Aujourd'hui j'ai vu les premiers coquelicots: le printemps est vraiment là!