samedi 4 juillet 2009


Today begins le Tour de France, the big bicycle race. This every year phenomena is a big event here in France. This year we have again American interest in the game too, since Lance Armstrong is back in the competition.
In France cyckling is not considered a leasure activity like we do, for instance in Finland. Here most bikers have serious competition sportswear and good bikes. The few bikers with leasure wear must be foreign tourists.
The big buckle, le grand boucle, is a very popular race. Some specialistist explained its succes by the fact that it is the last of professional sports competitions free for the public. And the public loves it, the race of course but also the events accompanying the race.
I would have a good opportunity this year to see it in real since the buckle is going to pass from Montelimar to Mont Ventoux, very near my hometown the 25 of July. The next day it will end in Paris, at the Champs Elysées.

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