dimanche 15 mars 2009


J'ai passé une journée magnifique avec une amie chère à Marseille ce samedi. C'était une journée delicieuse, de vagabondage et de militantisme, avec un soleil brulant déjà. La "carte postale" ci-dessus a été prise de la terrace de la gare St. Charles de Marseille, complètement renovée et joliment aggrandie dernièrement.
I spent a lovely day this saturday with a close friend in Marseilles. It was a hot spring day with glorious, hot sunshine. This "post card" was taken from the terace of the railroad station, gare St. Charles, that has lately been renovated and enlarged.

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vicki archer a dit…

Where were you? I love going to the Camargue, especially before summer really gets underway. Have a wonderful weekend, xv.

Airelle a dit…
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Airelle a dit…

Thanks Vicky,
yes, I love to go to Camargue too, especially before the 'season', so as to let the dog run freely on the beach near Saintes Maries de la Mer. The two photos are from the beach near Saintes Maries, which you can see in the distance. The photo with the boat is from Istres, there is a small leasure boat port on the Etang the Berre that we discovered at this occasion.
Love your blog, by the way!