samedi 29 janvier 2011


Jardin des Arômes, Nyons

For January I chose the cypress, one of the rare trees to  retain their green colour in winter or "sempervirens". It is of the Cupressaceae family and is a common sight in all the Mediterranean world. You find them very frequently in the cemeteries which is sometimes explained by them reaching to the sky, guiding the souls of the departed.

Pour figurer l'hiver j'ai choisi le cyprès qui reste vert tout l'hiver, "sempervirens", de la famille des Cupressacées.

2 commentaires:

Deborah a dit…

This is a beautiful scene, and a lovely uplifting January photo!

Is the Jardin d'Aromes at Nyons what it sounds like - a scented garden? I must find it.

Airelle a dit…

Jardin des Arômes in Nyons is a small but pretty herbal garden because Nyons wants to advertise the fact that they are pioneers in herb production. it seems to be under reconstruction but it's a nice visit in early summer, before the great heats. wellcome!