jeudi 20 janvier 2011


Last weekend we had a thing to do up Valence. So, we took the occasion to visit this wonder near by.

It is the Palais Idéal, Ideal Palace, constructed stone by stone by a postman named Joseph Ferdinand Cheval. He took 33 years to finish his work of art, "the only example of naive architecture", said André Malraux. You can find it a few steps from Romans, in the village of Hauterives in the departement of Drôme.

Si vous avez le temps en passant par Valence et Romans de vous arrêtez dans le village de Hauterives dans la Drôme, visitez le Palais Idéal du Facteur Cheval. "Le seul représentant de l'architecture naïf", disait André Malraux.

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