vendredi 10 septembre 2010


Yesterday morning I saw our new village in the tv news. It has been rainig heavily and they were talking about flooding in the village. Nice. I'm impatient to move there!

The petanque field in Fourques was a swimming pool the next morning.  
But in  fact the house, a new, modern pavillon was fine, dry and clean. It is going to be a new life and I suppose I'm going to miss Arles, Camargue, the sea...

But we have a car and can get around. And there are a lot of nice little towns to discover nearby.

So, a few more pictures from Fourques, to say good bye. In two weeks' time we will be gone.

It is a start of a new life for us, a new region to discover. And I will be taking a new step toward fullfilling my dream this winter since I have been accepted in agricultural school, learning medicinal plants. So, I'm afraid there will be a lot more pictures of plants here. 

Fourques church.

Puisque nous allons bientôt partir du village de Fourques je mets encore quelques photos en ligne. Dans quelques semaines nous serons des habitants d'un petit village près d'Alés. Une nouvelle maison, une nouvelle région à découvrir, une nouvelle vie. Pour moi aussi, j'ai été admise en formation des plantes médicinales. Il y aura surement encore plus de photos de plantes ici.

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