mercredi 7 janvier 2009


Finalement le temps ne s'est pas amélioré aujourd'hui, au contraire, nous avons presque eu un blizzard de neige. Ce matin déjà il y avait 35 cm à Marseille et la neige continue à tomber dans toute la Provence.
The weather didn't get better, on the contrary we are having a mini blizzard. This morning there were 35 cm in the streets of Marseille and the trafic was in total chaos. And the snow keeps on coming in all of the Provence.

Mon chien Nina fait connaissance avec la neige.
My dog Nina getting acquainted with snow.

Les enfants profitent de la neige.

The children were happy. Fortunately wednesday is their free day and they could play in the snow the whole day.

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