jeudi 29 septembre 2011


I have great news today, « super nouvelles ». In plural !

To begin with I think I’ve located a piece of land I could start my little farm on. It’s not big but the most lovely, lushious prairie, allmost too pretty to be turned and made into an ordered nursery garden. Pity my phone wouldn’t cooperate to get at least a little picture of it. The photo above is from the little village nearby, Rivières.
And secondly, I received (some time ago allready but I’ve been a bit busy with my school project) the new book by the British author Deborah Lawrenson. Her book had allready appeared in the UK but the US launch was a few weeks ago and her American editor, HarperCollins, very generously not only sent me a copy but wants to give two of them away to my lovely readers ! How great is that, my first ever giveaway !

To wet your appetite I wrote a little review of the book that you find below. To try your chance and win a copy of the book send me a commentary with an adjective that best evokes Provence to you. The innocent hand of one of my neighbour’s children will draw the two lucky winners. Good luck to all !

ps. You have a week, hurry up!

8 commentaires:

fifin maman a dit…

I'd love to be the winner! :))

One adjective of Provence - I could give you many. What about colourful?

pinea a dit…

Wow, what good news, congratulations! Can't wait to see the pictures of your new garden-to-be!

The first adjective describing Provence that came to my mind, is mellow.

Sirokko a dit…

Pittoresque.. picturesque.
And congratulations on your new beginning!

Calendula a dit…
Ce commentaire a été supprimé par l'auteur.
Stazzy a dit…

Great price! Et un adjectif : parfumé.

Ja kommentoin suomeksi kun en vain jaksa yrittää vääntää järkeviä lauseita englanniksi tähän aikaan illasta. Onnittelut maanpalasesta, mainio uutinen.

Stazzy a dit…

Price? Prize?
Tämän takia en kirjoita blogia millään kummallisella kielellä. hmph

Fifi a dit…

I hope it's not too late to participate!

I hesitated a long time between "ensoleillé" and "riche en patrimoine" but finally I'll say ensoleillé.

By the way, E. would like to participate too, by saying "chaud". So please count these as two separate answers! :)

Anonyme a dit…

Viikko taisi jo mennä.No niin tai näin.Mielestäni seutukunta on historiallista.Mielenkiintoista paikallishistoriaa ja vähän laajemminkin jne... ihan millä kielellä tahansa. sateen kastelema paskeriville