dimanche 8 mai 2011


I know, I know, I’ve been long gone and I appologise. The fact is my agricultural course plus all the other littlle and even bigger things in life are totally consuming my time and energy.

Fortunately spring - no, summer is here ! And with the warm days my hay fever which I’m treating the old fashioned way with antihistamine pills; I’m not far enough in my studies yet to believe only in natural remedies for this. The down side of the pills is I’m feeling a little weary.

But I need those precious little pills because I spend a lot of time outside, with the school, working experience periods and my own garden. And without the hay fever what could be better ? Lovely sunshine, everything around us green and lush, flowers everywhere…

Some quick glimses of what has been going on…

I've been to Die in Drôme, to a course on Biodynamic agriculture with a happy binch of my collueges from Nyons agricultural school. We had a lovely week, sleeping over in a country gîte, a farm accomodation, and visiting various biodynamic farms.

I've allready done two work experience periods at the Mazet farm in Monoblet, in the Gard département.

They have lovely terrassed fields growing with nearly thirty different plants, mainly medicinal. It's been hard work, weeding by hand (they cultivate organically, thus using no pesticides) but such a wonderful weather and marvellous surroundings.  
The house you see at the background is a natural dyer, séchoir. They do tisanes, herbal teas and homeopathic remedies based on their plant production.
We also had three savioury days with a lady who specialises in cuisine sauvage, cooking with ingredients found in the nature, wild salads, flowers etc. Very inspiring - and cheap: food straight from the nature!
I must admit that every time we do something new I'm captivated. I found biodynamic methods very interesting but little hard to follow, so I'm still thinking about implementing it. On the other hand I adopted right away the wild cooking, it's been wild salads ever since.
And then I've been working on our little green patch where we are planting little by little vegetables, aromatics, as well as flowers and some medicinal plants for this winter's herb teas.

Above the aromatics, below tomatoes etc.
Must fly, hope to be here sooner. Have a good springtime, wherever you are!

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Ariane Reichardt a dit…

Dear Airelle,
nice to hear/see you! Hope you're fine and the pills against hay fever works.
Its very intersting to follow you in the biodynamic agriculture.
I come back to 'this' place.
(a little bit confused about the many blogs you have. I don't know where your story progresses...)

www.soeasylife.com a dit…

Hi Airelle
There is a Versatile Blogger award for you on my blog www.soeasylife.com
Hope all is well with you

vicki archer a dit…

Hello Airelle,

Glad you are back.....Happy summer to you, xv.