dimanche 20 février 2011


A sunny morning in Anduze this sunday. A lot of people had been loured out by the warm rays. Many of them walked by the local puces where vendors, lots of non-professionals, had brought their treasures.

I will have to return and take lots of more photos in spring. After all, we live very near to Anduze. I hope the works on the main square will be finished by the tourist season.

Matin ensoleillé à Anduze. Beaucoup de monde au vide grenier local. Je repartirai faire des photos au printemps. Esperons que les travaux sur la place principale soient finis avant la saison touristique.

2 commentaires:

Deborah a dit…

Salut Airelle!

Oh, I can't wait for spring and summer and the Sunday vide greniers and puces...you never know you must have so many old things until you see them!

Airelle a dit…

oh yes, Deborah, how true. and it's a nice way to visit unknown towns and villages, too!