jeudi 28 octobre 2010


Mornings are already frosty but daytime is still very warm and lovely and the golden sun lightens up the atmosphere. I am a daughter of the Autumn, I was born in September. And I do love to walk my dog in the vineyards that are slowly turning red.

Je suis une fille de l'Automne, j'adore me promener dans les vignes rougissantes avec le chien.

2 commentaires:

Ariane Reichardt a dit…

your Images bring Aix in my mind...15 years ago...long time.

Airelle a dit…

Hello Ariane and wellcome to my blog! I too, originally, was living in Aix where I studied a long time ago. It is true that the paysage from Aix to Alès is very similar and the vines are a very usual sight.