mardi 31 août 2010


When in Versailles I wanted to see something I discovered only recently: le Potager du Roy. It was the fruit and vegetable garden that produced all the good things on king's table. It was created in the 17th century and was located right beside the castle garden. But today, if you want to visit it, you need to enter on the other side, in front of the Cathdral (below, behind the garden wall).

The garden reproduces different methods of fruit culture. What I liked about this garden is the way the vegetables and the flowers are mixed together. It' s a really enchanting place to visit.

J'ai profité de mon passage à Versailles pour visiter un endroit dont j'ai entendu parler seulement récemment: le Potager du Roy. Le Potager servait à produire les fruits et les légumes pour la table du roi . C'est un endroit enchanteur et mérite bien la visite.

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