jeudi 6 octobre 2011


Beneath you can read the excellent text of my host blogger Deborah Lawrenson on the lavendar distillation of the olden times. Today we went to visit some modern day installations.

First we saw The Rosan cooperative distillery. They distill mostly lavender and some salvia, the major productions of the region. The proportions are quite impressive.

Today it is possible to distill the lavender directly in the ben where it is put in the fields and brought to the distillery.

After the cooperative we went to a more traditional farm (if interested, you can find them here on the net) where they produce plants, gather wild plants and distill them.

They have two alembics, one in copper, the other in stainless steel. It depends on the material to distill which one they use. They have a large range of essential oils and floral waters.

The alembics were made of second hand material and artistically assembled by a local artisan.

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